Miami, FL - USA
1 (561) 856-2186


1 – How to buy

We are available for pick up at our location and delivery is available in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties (some fees may apply). A variety of our work pieces are also available for shipping (some fees may apply). If you are interested in purchasing one of our works or want any more details please contact us through HERE or by phone (561-856-2186). 

2 – Plant integrity guarantee

We source our plants from experienced and reputable nurseries. We examine and cherish our arrangements before it leaves the warehouse to assure it is healthy and ready for its new environment. All plant arrangements come with easy care instructions so that you are familiar with each plant needs when it arrives. We offer a plant health guarantee for any possible issues with insects, pests and diseases as follows: Cacti & Succulents in Tabletop/Terrariums – 14 Days, Foliage, Air plants, and all Floor plants – 7 days.

Be advised that most of the plants issues starts from overwatering, under-watering, exposure to extreme temperatures, lighting excess (direct sunlight) or deficiency (not enough light), and other man–made actions that are beyond our control. We do cover returns or exchanges( under the guarantee which is between 7 to 14 days depends on the type of work pieces or plants you are buying. Anything after that are the responsibility of the new owner upon receipt of the plant.

For any other complains or any type of dissatisfactions feel free to contact us.