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About seven years ago I start using moss on my terrariums, arrangements, and much other artwork of mine, alive ones as well as preserved. Felt in love right way by all the beautiful things I could make using them besides a very special ancient plant as they are. Suddenly, noticed this new trend, people looking …

Some Great Plants for Shady Gardens

Some Great Plants for Shady Gardens

The once-a-year perennial plant sale at our company’s Vermont garden center is a huge event. Shoppers line up well before the 8 a.m. start time, eager to get first shot at the selection. My job is usually to roam the aisles, answering questions. One of the most common questions always goes something like this: “My …

Indoor landscaping

A way how to be in a beautiful environment… been surrounding greens and living things. Indoor landscaping by us. Landscaping project all done at this amazing Atma Salon. We use imposing and clean cactus senita cactus ( pachycereus scholttii ) with few foliage scattered around the environment.


If I had the chance to live in a world like this terrarium, I would be the most happy person.

Cactus and sculptures made out of clay

I love the idea in mix art/handicrafts with plants Those are handmade cactus and sculptures made out of clay from local artist of North East of Brazil. Just caught up my soul onto to it.