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Discovering Jailton da Silva

discovering Jailton da Silva
Jailton Da Silva was born in the City of João Pessoa, the Capital of Paraíba, a northeastern region of Brazil known for its aridity climate and richness of popular art.  Although expression through art has always been a passion within, it was the several professional and academic ventures- from accounting to jewelry design-, as well as self-awareness and experiences that allowed him to discover his true talent which today, has led him to be the founder of “Cabaça”, in Miami, Florida. The encounter with the World of Botany seven years ago turned his life upside down in the best sense of the words. He was experiencing a time of struggle financially and with depression. During these times, he began building arrangements for friends as gifts which in the end, transformed a hobby into an exciting career.
His desire for arts, designs, architecture, plants, the environment, and jewelry has supported him to create “Cabaça”, which translates to “gourds”, meaning a fruit of a climbing plant of the cucurbitaceous family. This fruit is thick-shelled which was often transformed into various tools, utensils, and musical instruments after undergoing a drying process through exposure of sun.  His designs, through natural elements, display themes such as: the exuberance of nature, indignity with the pollution of natural resources, and reinforcing awareness of the relationship between the new generation and the environment.  Most importantly, he is working to re-introduce nature to the habitat of humans who far too often are met with concrete jungles each day; taking away from the beautiful connection between nature and humans. 
Jailton, the founder of Cabaça revealed that his greatest obstacle in this entrepreneurial journey is himself.  He explains that perseverance, focus, determination, and faith are qualities that do not come with a University certificate, but with real-life experiences throughout the years.   His hours of dedication to his own creations is what allows him to demonstrate natural elements, recycled materials, and various techniques of working with and understanding plants.  Most notably, his work speaks creativity, diversity of elements, exclusivity, and customizable to the client’s needs.
Professional and visual references for Jailton are: Paloma Teppa (Botanical designer), Gregor Lersch (floral designer), Sasaki naoki (floral artist), JardinSPterrarios (botanical designer), Oscar Niemeyer (architect), Todd Reed (jewelry designer)... and many others inspire him.